The Journey

Step By Step

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.”

Robert Nesta Marley

Who We Are

I originally came into contact with the concept of Emotional Intelligence as a trainable skill in 2010 when a colleague asked me to lead some EI workshops at Nebrija University in Madrid to MBA students in a bilingual Spanish-English program.

The first thing that surprised me about the subject was that the classes were to start with music: inspirational songs, calculated to awaken interest and happy chemicals in the brains of the students, in order for them to be more receptive to the class.

We carried out workshops in which everyday situations were mimicked and reactions were expressed and then dissected.

I remember the first one dealt with someone jumping a queue. each participant in the workshop was given a part to play, with various reactions to the event being acted out.

Some of the participants were quiet and just let it happen, others complained, some insulted. Everyone showed, at least via their facial expressions, that they felt abused and annoyed by it; some even felt anger and expressed it.

And then there was one who went up to the person who had committed the offense, introduced himself, shook hands, and said, look, there are all these people waiting in line, I realize you are also keen to get in as soon as possible, but perhaps you wouldn’t mind waiting in line like the rest of us, in the interests of fairness?

This approach worked.

So the answer is to be in control of your life. To chose how you deal with things, to choose what you deal with and what is not yours to deal with.
To stop allowing others to live inside your head and furnish it only with the best of you and your wildest, happiest dreams.

Through our books, articles, videos and events our mission is to offer every individual who is seeking the needed tools to integrate emotional intelligence in their daily lives. ~These are tools that exist inside each of us, join us on this journey.